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The Forgotten Years


Lucy Bennett

Emi Greenaway

Jade Carvalho

Grace Sosnowey

Ellen Kitching

Elsa Percival

Alicia Booth

Tianna Haffenden

Dylan Von Bergmann

Brandon Sutherland-Parker

John Grisdale

Mary Cox

Creative Team:

Music Editing - Sara Cardinale & Razvan Nicolae

Vocal Narration - Liv Wickings

Hair, Makeup & Costume Design - Lucy Bennett & Kirsty Hodgson

Videography - John Grisdale, Ilona Munn & Emi Greenaway

Video Editing - John Grisdale & Lucy Bennett

Photography - Ilona Munn

Photo Editing - Lucy Bennett

Stage Hands - Catherine Bennett & Ilona Munn

Lighting Designer & Technican - Elliott Wilson

Music - Mairzy Doats, Personality, Dream & I'll Never Smile Again by The Pied Pipers

Lucy Bennett Dance Company's 'The Forgotten Years' is a heart wrenching queer love story told through a classical vintage lens. Our main character (portrayed by Mary Cox) reminisces about a lost love during a therapy session and she, as well as the audience, relives every beautifully harsh memory through fragments of nostalgia (portrayed by Emi Greenaway & Tianna Haffenden alongside a beautiful ensemble: Alicia Booth, Elsa Percival, Ellen Kitching, Brandon Sutherland-Parker, John Grisdale,  Jade Carvalho, Grace Sosnowy, Dylan Von Bergmann).

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