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Birth & Postnatal Doula


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My Aims

As your doula I am here to be:

  • a pool of unbiased knowledge

  • compassionate and caring

  • advocate for your rights, wants and needs

  • adapt quickly and efficiently

  • communicate openly

  • observe and react

  • keep organised and prepare effectively

  • a constant during unpredictable circumstances

  • conversational not confrontational

Who am I?

For a lot of doulas, their bios start with 'I have __ children and this is my experience of pregnancy...'


But, my story is a little different. I am a 20 year old dance university student with no children.

For a long time, when people asked me why I trained to be a doula, I never knew what to say but I have realised that like a lot of people, it is an amalgamation of many experiences.

So, where did my passion on the maternity sector come from?

Well, since the age of 11, I had a long battle with mental health including anorexia nervosa. Anorexia has a lot of physical elements to it as well as mental so at the age of 13, I suffered a loss of my periods meaning that discussions around motherhood, fertility and pregnancy were around me from a young age.


I then went onto develop non-epileptic seizures when I was 14. This was a daily challenge for me and my family as I had up to 30 seizures everyday and struggled to do anything beyond lay in bed. However, in August 2020, I made the decision to go on the contraceptive pill for personal reasons and my seizures completely stopped. When I asked the doctors about this sudden change they said it made sense as it was likely to be a hormonal imbalance and when I asked why it wasn't offered to me when they started, they told me that they didn't think my parents would want their child on the pill. This bought up so much frustration in me on the attitudes towards women in medicalised spaces. And now... here I am!

My Services - Full Spectrum Doula

Birth Doula

As your birth doula, my primary purpose is to provide practical, emotional and informational support in the lead up and during your birth.

In my packages, I usually offer two antenatal sessions, attend your birth including the lead up (whatever your birth may be ie hospital, home, caesarean, water etc) and then a follow up session to debrief and discuss your experiences.

Postnatal Doula

As your postnatal doula I will offer practical, emotional and informational support after your baby has arrived! For me, this can include, debriefing your experiences, sign posting for additional help or support for you, your baby or partner. Everyone needs support and self care in different ways so I can adapt to you and have a more hands on approach if that suits you like watching baby while you have a bath, helping you with household tasks or assisting in running errands or attending appointments. Everything is open to conversation and clear boundaries are set between my clients and I.

Virtual Doula

If you'd prefer to keep the extent of your support from a distance, I offer virtual doula support via email, text, phone or video call. This can be antenatally, during your birth and postnatally. This is an ideal form of support during he coronavirus pandemic.

Baby Loss Support

I am also open to supporting you during terminations, miscarriages' or any form of baby loss. I am hear to support every birth, including yours. This support can be followed up postnatally as well so that you can have your mental, emotional and physical health supported and receive any necessary signposts for additional support.

Surrogacy, IVF & Adoption

Your experience matters too! Lots of decisions, paper work and legal processes makes your transition into parenthood unique. I am here to support all births!

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"Lucy, if there ever was a dancing doula, you would be it!"

Doula from Nurturing Birth

"Your strength and empathy shines through, what a glorious woman you are!"

Doula from Nurturing Birth