The Cast & Crew of Reflection


Lucy Bennett

Emi Greenaway

Jade Carvalho

Creative Team:

Music Composition - Sara Cardinale & Razvan Nicolae

Makeup Artist - Kirsty Hodgson

Vocal Artist - Liv Wickings

Choreographic Mentor - Kendra Horsburgh

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Lucy Bennett Dance Company’s ‘Reflection’ episodically shows the scarily subtle development of eating disorder habits in day to day life, the necessity of having a strong support system and troubling depictions of the crippling reality of the deadliest mental health disorder known to man.

Performance Venues:

Stanley Hall

The Brit School

Fairfield Halls


In Association With:

Arts Council England

Youth Arts Fund

Dance Umbrella

Dance Festival Croydon

The Forgotten Years


Lucy Bennett

Emi Greenaway

Jade Carvalho

Grace Sosnowey

Ellen Kitching

Elsa Percival

Alicia Booth

Tianna Haffenden

Dylan Von Bergmann

Brandon Sutherland-Parker

John Grisdale

Mary Cox

Creative Team:

Music Editing - Sara Cardinale & Razvan Nicolae

Vocal Narration - Liv Wickings

Hair, Makeup & Costume Design - Lucy Bennett & Kirsty Hodgson

Videography - John Grisdale, Ilona Munn & Emi Greenaway

Photography - Ilona Munn

Stage Hands - Catherine Bennett & Ilona Munn

Lighting Designer & Technican - Elliott Wilson

Music - Mairzy Doats, Personality, Dream & I'll Never Smile Again by The Pied Pipers

Lucy Bennett Dance Company's 'The Forgotten Years' is a heart wrenching queer love story told through a classical vintage lens. Our main character (portrayed by Mary Cox) reminisces about a lost love during a therapy session and she, as well as the audience, relives every beautifully harsh memory through fragments of nostalgia (portrayed by Emi Greenaway & Tianna Haffenden alongside a beautiful ensemble: Alicia Booth, Elsa Percival, Ellen Kitching, Brandon Sutherland-Parker, John Grisdale,  Jade Carvalho, Grace Sosnowy, Dylan Von Bergmann).

Take a look behind the scenes of one of our shoots:

• Lucy Bennett • (@lucybennettdance) • Instagram photos and videos