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You Learnt To Do It Quite Well (2022)

A look at the shared female experience throughout history.


Somebodies guilty. Maybe all of them together? But, if they stick to their story, we're stuck with a perfect crime. It happens… more than you think.


Amy Adams

Tegan Emery-Barker

Roxi Beca

Sophie Cobb

Ellie Dean

Kat Kirwin

Amy Sinclair

Ashleigh Stohr


Tianna Haffenden

Lulu Latex

Brandon Sutherland-Parker

Alexis McCleave

Alexandra Munn

Ilona Munn


Choreography - Lucy Bennett

Design - Nicole Johnston

Technician - Mikkel Svak

Photography - Brian Slater


Sexist PSAs From The 40s & 50s Show How Far Women Have Come by Now This News

How To Be Pretty 1940s Guide For High School Girls by Glamourdaze

Why I’m Done Trying To Be Man Enough by Justin Baldoni

Interviews With Patients With Depression By Psychiatrist 1959 by Dema Banksy

The Power Of Seduction In Our Everyday Lives by Chen Lizra

We Need To Restore Femininity by Michelle Miller

Uses Of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power by Audre Lorde


Images Used

Illustration Cartoon Living Room Front View From Sofa TV Set Vinyl by Stock Images

Cartoon Stage by Vector Stock

Votes For Women Sign by Stock Images

Various Suffragette Materials by British Pathe


Edited track by Lucy Bennett


Tracks Used In Order Of Appearance

On Bourbon Street by Freesounds Music

Adoring You by Ray Miller And His Orchestra

How Come You Do Me Like You Do by Marion Harris

Ride Of Joy by DJ Quads

Emotional Sad Piano Music by Mattia Cupelli

The Old Man by DJ Rouni & Kross

Polaroid by Odd Chap

Slow Dance Daisy by Free Sound Music

The Detective Story by Odd Chap

Sweet Rascal by Jamie Berry


Sound Effects

Rain Sound Effect by Free Sound Library

Fire Crackling Sound Effect by Royalty Free Sounds

Door Slam by All Sounds

Radio Tuning Noise by Nagaty Sounds

Old School TV Sound Effects by Nathan Olson

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